Why us?

Because we’ll never let you down

Y-tech group has been providing cloud and communication services to the business sector for over a decade. Over the years, we have accumulated vast knowledge and experience in the ICT world through which we have created cloud, hosting and communication systems for many organizations—small, medium and large.

Y-tech ICT is a partner of Microsoft and is one of the 100 worldwide partners in the Cloud OS Network program.

Y-tech ICT is an Authorized Internet Provider and is in compliance with ISO 27001 standards for information security and service management ISO 9001.

Y-tech ICT offers you, the integrator, a cloud platform and communication system with white label rebranding, through which you can sell to your customers from YOUR cloud. Setup time is minimal (up to 24 hours) and is implemented by the management interface and automation based on Azure Pack.

This platform enables you to deliver best of breed secure cloud services and communications to your clients under your brand, gives your business viability, increases your income with low investment, and gives you the ability to provide customers with end-to-end technological solutions with high-performance systems, while guaranteeing stability and security.

Y-tech ICT provides complete support for our integrators, ranging from high quality ICT professional people with years of experience giving personal service, through a variety of innovative and efficient technological solutions, down to personal assistance in sales and marketing, including proven sales tools.

Y-tech ICT perceived itself as your partner and will provide full support and transparency until you will acquire full independence with the platform and solutions. This includes advice and guidance from experienced professionals who are highly experience in the ICT world, a wide range of innovative and efficient technological solutions, and assistance in sales and marketing, including proven sales tools.

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