Azure ICT provides a turnkey secured cloud and network solution for IT units. The Private Cloud and Network enables your company to maximize managed cloud services, while allowing your IT team to manage the enterprise’s private cloud easily, quickly and with maximum uptime.

Azure ICT solution for companies and IT teams

  • Virtual cloud environment with virtual servers in a self-managed survivable environment
  • Private secure MPLS communications from the office to the cloud
  • Servers created in just one click using a local Azure-based automation system
  • Fast and secure Internet connection
  • Common types of firewalls
  • Layers 2/3 firewall security for each server in the data center
  • Agentless Kaspersky antivirus for each server
  • Assistance and support in the specification, establishment and training of IT personnel
  • Dedicated management tools with all the advantages that are most important to you:
    • Full control of the work environment and accurate management of storage and communication resources
    • Secure environment in compliance with the strictest standards and subject to regulation
    • Technological reliability and stability
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Cloud Advantages

Migration to the cloud ensures ROI on the infrastructure as opposed to owning the hardware:

  • Transition to the cloud neutralizes the need to manage hardware resources on a daily basis, and cope with factors like power shutdowns by removing storage areas, electricity, backups and cooling from the equation. The cloud prevents surprises like hardware malfunctions, high electricity costs, overheads and more.
  • The cloud saves costs by taking advantage of resources in a modular fashion.
  • Pay-as-you-go payment models or monthly fixed price.
  • Shorter implementation times for new IT processes – setting up servers takes just a few minutes, connecting branches is flexible and immediate.
  • Each server in the cloud benefits from automatic survivability, stable infrastructure, uptime assurance and top-level performance.

Value Proposition

  • Cloud services and communications management system based on Azure – advanced and easy-to-use management system, including the automatic creation of servers with a single click. You manage everything independently.
  • Dedicated environment for each group in the organization, fully adapted to its needs. You decide how to allocate capacity and resources.
  • Assistance from the Y-tech ICT IT team that provides professional support in both Hebrew and English until you reach complete professional self-sufficiency.
  • Business feasibility – highest system and support quality, including SSD storage and powerful servers with Intel V3-E5 I2690 processors.
  • Individual management by users enables to define a list of authorized users, authorization levels and different communication parameters (internal communications, Internet, intranet) to connect to the management interface securely.
  • Compliance with standards like ISO 27001 for information security and ISO 9001 for company management and service. Adaptations to SOX, PCI DSS and HIPAA.
  • API for the development and DevOPS environments.

Why Y-tech ICT?

  • Because we offer your company Microsoft’s most reliable and stable cloud, with the perfect IT array adapted to the size and needs of your organization, and with a data center here in Israel.
  • Because Y-tech ICT’s team of professional experts provides support and assistance in both Hebrew and English.
  • Because Y-tech ICT complies with the strictest standards and regulations of information security, service, operation and more.

Because we’ll never let you down!