Cloud computing is one of the most common and essential computer solution today.  It represents the present and the future of computer systems in the business markets.

Making the transition to cloud computing is an inevitable decision, and it’s only a matter of time before your customers will expect it from you.

The big and most important question is how to do it right.

Our knowledge and experience – Your cloud solution

Making the transition to cloud computing is an inevitable decision which gives you the following  clear business advantages:

  • Expansion of the range of services offered to your customers
  • Strengthens relationships with your customers
  • Position you as provider of advanced technology

Therefore, it’s only a matter of time before your customers will expect and demand it from you.

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Customers benefits by moving to cloud

  • Moving to cloud provides ROI on cloud infrastructure in comparison to hardware. Transition from CAPEX to OPEX.
  • Moving to cloud offsets the need to deal with hardware, ranging from power outages, through storage issues, power consumption, cooling and backup.
  • Migration to cloud enables cost savings by modular resources consumption
  • Moving to cloud prevents “surprises” such as—damaged hardware, electricity costs and downtime.
  • Payments are fixed and on a monthly basis or Pay As You Go model.
  • Shortening the implementation cycle for new IT needs —setting up servers in a minutes, quickly connecting branch offices to a private network and to the cloud
  • Each server on the cloud enjoys automatic redundancy, a stable and secure infrastructure, straight forward SLA (Service Level Agreements) for uptime and high performance

How will you do it right?

Y-tech ICT offers you, the integrator, an A to Z platform solution for a Secured Private Cloud and Network as a Service which enables you to quickly and easily provide complete communication and cloud services to your customers with maximum uptime.

Y-tech’s comprehensive solution includes: a private and secured cloud environment with private and secured communications between cloud and office, setting up servers quickly through an automated local Azure installation, guidance and support, at the business, sales and technical levels

What do we offer?

Cloud and communication management platform, implemented on a local Azure

An advanced and easy-to-use management system that includes automated and fast set up of servers with a variety of products, all is independently managed by you.

White Label

A management system with your brand name. Business communication with your customers is done only by you. You provide your customers your cloud.

24 hours to your own cloud — a fast implementation

Within 24 hours you will be able to offer your customers cloud and communication services at competitive prices and without any compromise on the quality of the product.

Personal Escort

We will escort you with the process of entering and succeeding in the Cloud world, including technical and sale guidance.

Assistance in profiling your clients’ needs and the process of implementation

If needed, we will help you design and develop the right solutions and assist in the process of implementation

Join the Affiliate Program 

Join us and get “A Certificate of Partnership” after participating in a special certification program designed for you and receive a license to use our platform.

Fixed Income 

Create an additional channel of monthly fixed income

A separate, unique environment for each one of your customers

Fully customize for the needs of each and every organization, and you are in complete control.

Competitive prices alongside high quality 

Attractive prices in comparison to the market alternatives without compromising on the system’s quality and high standards of support, including default SSD storage and powerful servers with Intel E5-2690v3 processors.

Increase your range of services 

An opportunity to offer additional services to your customers, while adding new customers interested in a cloud and communication solution.

Strengthen the business relationship with your customer 

Expansion of the services to your customers will strengthen your relationship and create additional business layers.

Marketing and sales support 

Receive full marketing and sales support through “sales kits” created especially for you which will help you selling cloud services to your customers. 

Personal control over different users 

Allows you to manage permissions for authorized users and defining different communication methods (Intranet and Internet) for management dashboard access and performing your technical duties and activities.

Compliance with required standards 

Compliance with the ISO 27001 standard for information security and compliance with ISO 9001 for standards of management system and service quality. Compliance with SOX, PCI DSS, and HIPAA standards.

Are your customers asking for a cloud solution?

Now you can provide one!